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All Thru the Night


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Sunrise, Sunset (J. Bock, R&H Music)
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           Broad band (cable/wireless)
           Dial up (telephone line)

Cradle Song (J. Skinner)
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (R. Burns) baritone vocal
Anne’s Lullaby (R. Aldridge, BMI)
Derreen Day (Irish) contralto vocal
All Through the Night (Welch)
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (French)
Lullaby for an Injured Goose (R. Aldridge, BMI)
Cradle Song (J. Brahms)
Birds are Dozing (L. Rudnitzky) contralto vocal
O, Dear Turtle Dove (Laotian)
Rock-a-bye Baby (E. Canning)
Carolan’s Dream (Conollan)
Solveig’s Song (E. Grieg)
St. Columba’s Prayer (Isle of Man) baritone vocal

In 1993, Anne went to visit our daughter, Jenn in North Carolina.  Jenn was pregnant with twins and wanted Anne to come and visit before the pregnancy immobilized her.  Anne was only there for a day before Jenn complained of back pains.  They were soon in the hospital, and with the help of good medical people, her delivery was delayed a couple of days so they could prepare Alyshia and Jessup (twins) for delivery at 26 weeks gestation. 

 They were 1# 6 oz. each at birth and spent the first couple of months living in their little isolettes hooked up to all sorts of tubes and monitors.  Slightly longer than a Bic pen, they looked like little mice in their vulnerability.  One of the nurses said some taped music might be of help to soothe their premature entrance into this world.

So, with that in mind, we selected some of our favorite gentle pieces, recorded them and shipped them off to the twins.  They will be celebrating their 13th year next February.  Jessup plays the baritone and Alyshia is a clarinetist. 

The cover photo on this recording features Jenn with the twins attempting to "lullaby" them asleep.  Dad was in the picture too, but unfortunately, it was just too busy.  So in the interest of marketing, and with the magic of the computer, his image was removed (with his permission).  By the way, he played a very important role in the early years for these kids.

This recording can make the ideal gift for expectant parents.  Perhaps you know someone (all ages) in need of a little soothing.  It was dedicated to the hope that all mankind may sleep peacefully, "All Thru the Night"

Our forte has always been "gentle music".  It probably comes from the many years we have spent assisting others in learning  relaxation and stress reduction skills.  So we were right at home when we recorded these selections. 

We felt that you couldn't have a lullaby recording without some vocals.  So we asked two of our very favorite musicians to join us.

Will Nichols is Secrest Professor of Music and Director of Alma College Choirs at Alma College here in Central Michigan.  His choirs are known as some of the best collegiate ensembles in the country.  A bass/baritone, Will has sung at many music festivals and with many major orchestras.

Will has collaborated with us on many occasions, and we always enjoy his meaningful approach to his music.

Nina Nash-Robertson has been part of the Collecting Consort on several occasions.  She is Director of Choral Activities at Central Michigan University conducting four choirs.  She also teaches conducting and choral literature. She received her first musical training in her native Dublin, Ireland, where she earned awards for both singing and Irish dancing. Upon arriving in the U.S., she became the founding director of the award-winning Shamrock Irish Dancers.


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