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Greeting Cards

  Share these special  AUDIO email greeting cards with your friends. 

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We will be creating one or two of these each month.  Make sure you are receiving our email newsletter to remain informed of these creations. 

Email greetings for your family and friends
We suggest you minimize your audio player when accessing these audio files.  Then you can experience the photos and texts as you listen.

If you are unable to access the audio files associated with these email greeting cards, you can still have the pleasant reading experience of the lyrics/stories along with the visual touch of photos from our homestead, trips, and gifts from our photographer friends.

Psalm 23 2/28/07  New!!!
King James Version
Standard Revised Version
Our close friend Rev. Jerry Jones joined us for this moving and healing piece of scripture.  For those of you who love the poetic sound of the old King James version, we have recorded both it and the more contemporary texts. 


For St. Pat's Day

Celtic Email Greetings


Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)  3-18-05 (Our most popular Email Audio Greeting Card!!!)
Send this moving performance by Will Nichols, baritone, to your friends as a gift to convey the spiritual depth of the Irish people.  
His offering is enhanced by the beauty of Anne's Celtic harp, Gary's wooden Irish flute, and Tony Patterson's keyboard.We have also included the "real" history behind this melody and its Danny Boy lyrics.

New!!!! May the Road Rise Up to Meet You.  3/7/06
Send this "best loved" of all the Irish blessings to your friends.  The warmth of Gary's voice captures the essence of these words.  Anne's Celtic harp and keyboard give added meaning with the Irish melody Carrickfergus. 

New!!!! A Blessing of Light 3/7/06
Your "Irish" friends will appreciate the "genuineness" of your gift when you send this blessing.  It is another of Gary's readings with the sincerity of the Land of the Green .
  Anne adds the music touch with the familiar Down by Bendimeer's Stream also known as Carrigdown.

The Story of St. Patrick  3-18-05 This life history of St Pat goes beyond shamrocks and green beer to present the true spiritual presence of St. Patrick .  It is narrated by Gary, and embossed by the additions of Anne (Celtic harp), Anthony Patterson (keyboard) and Nora Anderson (oboe & English horn).


St. Columba's Prayer  3-18-05 Send this message, bearing the name of one of Ireland's patron saints, and you will be sincerely blessing your recipient.  It begins gently, with Gary's wooden Irish flute supported by Anne's Celtic harp, and Tony Patterson's sensitive keyboard.  It concludes with Will Nichols' moving baritone voice rendering the meaningful words of this blessing.


















The Gettysburg Address 6/2/06
The crises that plague our people, country and world dominate our lives today.  President Lincoln's words had healing qualities for the trauma of the Civil War.  We have recorded them with the hope that his words might again provide healing for the divisions that surround us today. 

The Life of Johnny Appleseed 4/21/06
A moving tribute to this Mid-West pioneer written and read by Gary, supported by Anne's Celtic harp and keyboard.
Spring, 3-22-05
An inspiring introduction to this first season of the year,
  written and read by Gary. This original prose is creatively set to Anne's Celtic harp, keyboard, and the sounds of nature as provided by our animal friends here at our homestead. 

Other Email Audio Greeting Cards

My Friend2-14-05 This poem by 12th century Sufi mystic, Rumi, will touch that special person in your life with depth and meaning.  Read by Gary, Anne accompanies with her Celtic harp and keyboard.

I Promise  2-14-05 Sharon McElroy's special poem for extending your commitment to others.  In this world of fast living where moving on is the rule of order, there can be value in the nurturing of existing relationships.  I Promise assists this process. 
Read by Anne, Gary provides the musical backing with hammered dulcimer and keyboard.

Uncle Hap's Magic Bean Seeds 6/15/05
Gary recalls a significant preschool "giving" experience with his mentor, Uncle Hap.
Anne adds to the emotional depth with her Celtic harp and keyboard. 
 Before I was a Mom 5/2/05
A wonderful tribute for all mothers, beginners or seasoned women, who carry this most important responsibility for our future generations. 
Read by Anne and Gary with Celtic harp and dulcimer embellishment

 As I Look Back 5/5/05
A special "thank you" to mothers from those of us who no longer rely on them to remind us to brush our teeth, pick up our clothes, or to take our lunch.  Let us not forget that they still worry about us. 
Read by Gary and enclosed with Anne's Celtic harp

The "For Giving" Tree:  1-1-05 While meditating upon the concepts of resolving old difficulties in relationships and starting anew, Gary was inspired and conceived this inspirational story about giving and forgiving.  Anne wraps it as an appropriate gift for your friends with her Celtic harp and keyboard. 

Christmas Cookies:  12-24-05 Anne tells the story of baking Christmas cookies with her Aunt Hazel when she was 7 years old.  Gary's antique wooden flute provides the musical backing.

Why the Chimes Rang:  12-24-05 Gary tells Raymond Mac Donald Alden's classic Christmas story from the early 1900's.  Anne's Celtic harp and keyboard provide the musical setting.



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