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The Earth Remembers
Meaningful Music for Spring


Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, keyboard, flutes, whistles, pan flute,  clarinet, mandolin, piano, concertina, & bass

4 selections from this recording can be heard on our new SPRING sampler
Or listen to audition selection

Pie Jesu
from this recording.
Broad band (cable/wireless)
Dial up (telephone line)

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Total Playing Time:  59:12

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Crested Hens (Celtic) 4:19
Loch Tay Boat Song (Scotland) 6:47
Pie Jesu  (A. Webber/Hal Leonard Corp) 5:28
        Audition audio file       
Broad band (cable/wireless)
            Dial up (telephone line)

The Man in the Moon (K. Stewart/Strathmore Services) 5:26
Margaret Anne Robertson (Jamieson – Scotland) 3:59
Isle of Lismore (Scotland/Nova Scotia) 5:18
Arioso (J.S. Bach - Germany) 4:19
Waltzing Matilda (Banjo Patterson – Australia) 4:11
Catoctin Daybreak (R. Aldridge) 5:49
Over the Stone (Wales) 3:13
Sheebeg Sheemore (T. O’Carolan – Ireland) 3:57
In the Garden (C.A. Miles) 5:19

Our home is located on a 30 acre organic homestead overlooking a cedar swamp and lake.  With the arrival of spring, our land suddenly comes alive and we welcome unfolding of each leaf and flower and the return of our feathered friends.  It is a time of great joy as we break ground and sow the seeds that will provide our nurturance for the coming year. 

In representing the season of spring, we have added a little more energy than our other recordings.  You will still find the usual gently healing music interspersed with some energetic toe tappers. 

Some of our friends joined us and provided instrumental voices that are not usually heard on Collecting Consort recordings.  We know you will enjoy this, our most recent recording.   


Anne Wakenhut:
Celtic harp, keyboard, & harmonium.
I always enjoy the opportunity to work with other musicians.  They bring new ideas and provide me with a challenge to venture into new areas.  My thanks to all who joined us in making this recording.

Gary Wakenhut: Hammered dulcimer, Irish flutes & whistles, clarinet & pan flute.
New recording equipment and software provided me with an exciting challenge on this recording.  I was able to play several instruments at the same time along with adding Anne's keyboard to her harp with our new multitracking capacities.

 Special thanks to all those who helped me leave the dark ages of recording and move to the magic of the digital world. 

Bruce Gartner: Mandolin & Concertina
Bruce is a very talented multi-instrumental musician and lives for the opportunity to play music, especially with others. 

We always enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with him, and wish to thank him for his willingness to add a special "aliveness" to our work.  

Dennis Rybicki: Guitar
Dennis is a high school choral director who has recently been touched by the spirit of Celtic music and is adding Irish whistles and Celtic harp to his instrumental capacities. 

His driving guitar served to push these 60 plus year old musicians into a new expression of Celtic music.


Anthony (Tony) Patterson: piano, keyboard, arranging & technical assistance. 
This multi-talented individual serves as the pianist for the renown Alma College Choir and is a recognized soloist. 

What amazes us about Tony is his desire to always be working the cutting edge of our arrangements, digital technology and expanding our old fashioned ways.  We owe much to Tony for what he has added to our ensemble and this recording. 

Gary Padden: Bass
Meet our local chiropractor.  We are always amazed at his capacity to adapt and add that special, sensitive underpinning to our arrangements.  He brings a lightness and a living desire to "play music" rather than spending time creating the "perfect note".    

Marcella Rack: Piano
We have the opportunity to share with this very talented musician each Sunday. She is our church pianist.  Her knowledge and interpretation of liturgical music demonstrates her unusual spiritual presence which she so graciously shares with all.  

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