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A Celtic Portrait


Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, harmonium, Irish flutes, whistles, pan flute, oboe &

 Audition selection: The Star of County Down from this recording. 
(broad band)   (dial up)

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(Total recording time: 62 min.)
Available in CD and cassette

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Star of the County Down (Trad.)
Audio Audition file (broad band)  (dial up)
Captain O'Kane (Turlough O'Carolan)
Bridget Cruise 2nd Air / 3rd Air (Turlough O'Carolan)
Celtic Portrait (Roger Aldridge, BMI)
The Lass with the Delicate Air (Michael Arne)
Lord Mayo (David Murphy)
Danny Boy / Londonderry Aire (Trad.)
She Moved Through the Fair / Blarney Pilgrim (Trad.)
Eleanor Plunkett (Turlough O'Carolan)
Casey's Hornpipe (Trad.)
My Wild Irish Rose (Chauncey Olcott)
Kathleen Ashore (Trad.)
Shule Agra (A.P. Graves)

The music of Ireland carries much of the country's history prior to the 1800's.  Lacking reading and writing skills, the Irish relied on the bards (poets & musicians) as their historians.  These wandering troubadours used the oral tradition of song to document events and people with their and songs.  Thus history was preserved by passing the melodies and words from generation to generation. 

Often these songs were utilized to "paint" musical portraits of important people.  The Irish music was particularly well suited for this task.  The wide variety of emotions and feelings expressed in Irish music (slow airs, laments, hornpipes, reels, jigs & slip jigs), provided the composers with a vivid palette for "painting" their subjects and varnishing them into time. 

Several compositions by the Irish harper, Turlough O'Carolan (one of the most famous Irish bards) are featured on this recording.  Living in the 1600's, he traveled the Irish landscape, playing for the aristocrats who served as his patrons.  In response, he would compose musical portraits of these patrons.  Several of his moving compositions are included in this recording. 

You will also find several of your favorite airs and dance tunes mixed in this Celtic bouquet. 



Anne and Gary:
Our instruments (Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, Irish flutes and whistles) are right at home with this music.  In addition, we both carry Celtic blood in our heritage.  Therefore, this music touches a deep  musical spirit within us. 





Judy London, Harmonium:
Judy has shared musically with us for many  years through our church.  We have always appreciated her sensitivity and willingness to explore new musical venues.  In this recording, she coaxes beauty from our old antique portable harmonium used by the chaplains in the field during WWI.

In addition to her music degree, Judy is also a licensed RN and administers to others in our local emergency room.


Nancy Summers, Oboe:
We met Nancy many years ago when we played under her leadership in the Grand Rapids Chamber Winds.  Nancy presently serves as a free lance conductor and oboist in the West Michigan area.  While oboe is not a traditional Celtic instrument, we feel you will be pleased with Nancy's addition to this recording. 

Pooh Stevenson
with sister musicians
Kitty Donohoe & Wanda Degan

Pooh Stevenson, Cello:
Pooh is Anne's cousin and is also featured on our Season's Greetings recording.  The warmth of her cello touches one of our favorite Celtic arrangements on this recording, The Star of the County Down.

She is known around Michigan for her work with the Dennis Cyporyn Band and Lonesome & Blue.   She was also a member of the former Lady of the Lakes.  She also raises organic vegetables and flowers with her family on their Central Michigan farm. 

Proud Roger with his latest "instrument", his grandson


Roger Aldridge, Composer: 
Roger is the Collecting Consort's personal composer.  You will find one of his compositions on each of our recordings. 

We trust you will enjoy his creation of the title selection for this recording, Celtic Portrait. 



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